Where Did My Mojo Go

Often times we run into one of the biggest problem many crafters encounter...losing our MOJO!  I know that I have lost my mojo many times and its so very difficult.   If you have been one of us that is staring at a mirror trying to find your mojo you may want to try one of these tricks.

1.  Try strolling through Pinterest.  Its packed with all sorts of amazing projects and ideas.  If you know what you are looking for just type it into the Pinterest Search bar and watch as your mojo juices start flowing.   Pinterest is like the Visual Crafters Encyclopedia.

  • https://www.pinterest.com
2.  Magazines and Books...before the internet we had magazines and books.  I remember buying magazines or books to get inspirational ideas back when I was in high school.  I loved going to Joann and checking out their book racks for craft projects and ideas.  Also, try checking out books or magazine from your local Library.

Today there are several magazine out on the market.  Somerset Studio is one of my favorite, because its full of inspirational ideas that can make you run to the craft store to pickup supplies to start creating.  https://stampington.com/somerset-studio

If you are a paper crafter then you may want to check out:
There are magazines and books for all to enjoy and be inspired.  Here is a good source to see all the magazines available for crafters https://www.magazines.com/magazines/hobbies/arts-crafts.html.  Whether you are a beader, a quilter, or a Painter you can find your mojo as long as you flip through one of these magazines.

If you don't want to subscribe to a magazine and just want to visual watch someone create something inspiring then check out YouTube.  YouTube offers videos for all to enjoy!  Its the simplest and most affordable way of watching a FREE inspirational tutorial.  Just search for what you want to learn and start watching.  To access YouTube you can go here and start watching your next craft tutorial.

Finally, if you still haven't found it then try Facebook.  Facebook is loaded with craft groups.  From Journaling to Cricut you name it you can find the group on Facebook and these groups are full of ideas and crafters eager to share their work.  You are certain to find your mojo instantly.

So, when I am feeling like my mojo ran away, I start to flip through my old magazines and scrolling through Pinterest.  I have prevented going to the craft store when I have lost my mojo, because that will push me to buy craft supplies that will only sit around until I find Mr. Mojo.  So, if you are feeling that your Mojo left avoid going to the craft store.  The last thing you want to do is stock piling craft supplies that won't get used and then you are left overwhelmed with the craft mess.

Talking to other crafters will sometimes help, but let's face it no matter how many times you talk to your craft buddies nothing will make you find Mr. MOJO until you are ready to find it.  

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