Creating and Designing

Some people often ask me where do I come up with some of my projects, and I can honestly say that at times I don't sleep because an idea will come to mind.

I don't know if this creative thinking comes to everyone just as you are about to go to bed, but it seems like just as I'm about to go to IDEA is born.  Once an idea starts flowing through my head its tossing and turning until I get up and put that design to work.  I guess that I should have a notebook by my side at all times, because its hard to tell when something new will spring up.

As a designer, its those sleepless nights that I come up with some of my designs.  I assemble things in my head and I paces up and down trying to figure out how to make something work.  I don't know if I get this from my dad, because he could build things very easily and loved making his own blue prints for houses that he built.  He was as I called him Jack of ALL trades.

My dad would scratch his head when he was trying to figure out a design for a house that he was building.  So, I guess the apple didn't fall to far from the tree, because I'm the same way.  I love working with my hands and creating new things.

Now, I am more hands on and I have to sit down with a pen and paper to sketch something out, but I have to also see if the design will actually work for what I want it.  So, that is when I will get my hands into the project and until I figure it out I won't stop.

Once I see the project, come to life I step back and look at it and think what could I do different to make it better.  I guess as designers we are harder on ourselves and I don't give myself as much credit, but I  am my worst critic.  My mom always said, that she was my biggest fan, but I"m my worst critic.

So, my advise to others that want to design:

  • Have a notebook, pen, and pencil ready at all times.
  • Get the idea down just as soon as it comes to mind.  Date it, time it, and always make sure that you protect your design.
  • Put your design into the test.
    • Make sure that it works as you planned/designed it.
  • Don't be AFRAID.
    • Don't be afraid if your design didn't work the first time.  Chances are that next time it will be just as you envisioned it.

I am very random, but I always keep track of designs and patterns that I come up with.  Keeping track of those designs can be time consuming but its for your safety.

So, the next time you want to design a project, don't be afraid and take a chance.  Its a good feeling when you actually see a design come to life.

Speaking of which, I'm off to design my next project.

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