NEW Online COURSE Tutorials

Hi, Everyone its Mai Larsen, and I am excited to announce some of my online courses.  These courses are of projects that I create thinking outside the box.

My new online paid tutorials will be filled with yummy shabby chic craft projects.  I'm passionate of shabby chic and grungy chic tattered projects.  I will share some of my techniques in each of the tutorials.  I will share where I purchase some of my supplies and I will try to give step by step detailed tutorial of each projects.

I have been creating for a long time and I have never really thought about doing online exclusive tutorials.  After owning a craft store and selling the shop, I have decided to branch out further with my creations.

I will be working on my etsy store, which is where I will sell some of my tutorials and finished handmade goods.  Each tutorial will be fun and full of techniques, humor, and love.  Each handmade project created will be created with love and will be one of a kind designs.

My Etsy Shop of where my tutorials and crafted items will be listed for sale:

I hope to see you on my new online class tutorials.

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