Trim/Lace Grab Bag Sale

Sale trim/lace Grab Bag...$20 plus shipping.  Check out our website for
this hot deal. 
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Southern Couture Review and NEW PRODUCTS - Creating With Details Store

Ladies as many of you all know I love Fashion, especially Boho Chic fashion.  I'm always checking out new online boutiques that provide not only great service but that has the clothes that I love most.  For you today, I have Southern Couture, owned and operated by Liraz Friedman.  Let me tell you ladies she is awesome.  Not only does she offer great prices, but she also offers fast shipping.  The clothes are absolutely gorgeous so check her out on Facebook. 

Here is Southern Coutures facebook page:
The skirt that I'm wearing can be located here:
The leggings are $21 and they have contour waist to help support the tummy mid-section.  You can find it here

Liraz is helping this crafty mama stay in style!  Thanks Liraz ;)

Now, to the crafty stuff...Creating With Details Store has been getting tons of new stuff in.  So, here I am showing some of the new stuff that has arrived in the store.  We have been making some mayor changes and we will be destashing some of our products and creating Grab Bags.  The Grab Bags will be of random trims, laces, and etc of things that we will no longer be carrying.  We will keep these Grab Bags at below $20 so just keep checking the store for that.

Some of the new stuff we will carry will be for multi-purposes, such as sewing, altered projects, decor etc... We know how important it is for you as a crafter to save money so we will keep the prices down low and offer full yard verses 1/2 yard.  We think you get more bang for your buck if you purchase the full yard.  With that being said, we will also be carrying kits at affordable prices.

So, now for the new yummies we have listed...Watch the video and tell us what you think.  Subscribe to our channel, gives us Thumbs UP, and if you don't like it that's ok...we all have the right to our own opinions no feelings hurt here. 

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DIY Altered Candlesticks

Check out my DIY Altered Candlesticks video on YouTube. #creatingwithdetailsstore, #creatingwithdetailsstorelaces, #creatingwithdetailsstore trims, #creatingwithdetailsstorebling, #creatingwithdetailsstoreDIYAlteredProjects

Creating With Details Store

Creating a unique style of fashion is not very hard to do.  You just need some trim, laces, and bling and the sky can be the limit.  Watch how I take some old pair of boots and create a Boho Chic Upcycled Boots using simple things to revamp my old pair of boots.

DIY Boho Chic Upcycle Boots Tutorial 2