Hey Crafty Ladies!!!

This time of year is always difficult for those of us who have loved ones who are not longer with us in body. We miss them everyday, but the holidays are always the most difficult as there are so many memories of times long ago. This year I decided to celebrate their lives and their new heavenly bodies by creating this canvas that I call Angel Ascending. I have felt the presence of many angels around me, giving me peace and comfort. The inspiration for this canvas is my vision of what I think that it would feel like to ascend to heaven and all of the beauty that would surround one as they make this wonderful journey to their new forever home. Angels are God's way of letting us know that we are not alone, that we are loved and protected. May you all feel the presence of your angels through out the holiday season and beyond. God bless and keep you!

The canvas background was created using scrapbook paper from my stash. Then I applied a script stencil using spakling compound and let this dry. I added a few pieces of cheese cloth using Mod Podge. I also used a honey comb and burlap stencil using spakling compound as well.

I placed a piece of Embroidered Lace Trim in Ivory in the center of the canvas.

For the Angel I created a paper mache dress form and cut the back half off of it. I then painted the form with Gesso and covered it with lace from my personal stash. I glued strips of lace and ribbon under the bodice and the put a piece of All Over Cotton Vintage Trim on the bottom half of the dress form. I added a piece of bling from my stash to the top of the bodice. I cut 2 small pieces of Chiffon Ruffled Beaded Ribbon Trim and added them to the top of each side of the bodice to give the impression of sleeves.

The Angels wings are pieces of Maribou Feather Trim in white.

In the top right corner of the canvas over the cheese cloth I put a Clear Wheat Acrylic Spray and Mini Chiffon flower with Wh Pearl and Rhinestones over top of CA Metal Cameo that was painted with gesso. I also added some clear and amber beads from my stash to the bottom of the cameo.

In the top left corner of the canvas I applied some white leaves , and white flowers from my stash, along with some rhinestones and a small crown also from my stash. At the bottom of the flowers I attached a ribbon bow with an Ivory 10mm Acrylic Pearl in the center.

I painted a Copper Tone Filigree Flower Wrap with gesso and added a 20mm Ivory Acrylic Pearl to the center.
 On the right side of the angel I used a chipboard harp from my stash, that was covered in gesso and white pearls. I attached ribbon and a small piece of lace to the top of the left side of the harp.
In the very bottom right corner I added a 20mm Ivory Acrylic Pearl surrounded by rhinestones and strokes of gesso.

Products Used
20 mm Ivory Acrylic Pearl
Copper Tone Filigree Flower Wrap
Clear Wheat Acrylic Spray
Ivory 10mm Acrylic Pearl
Mini Chiffon Flower with Wh Pearl and Rhinestones
CA Metal Cameo
Maribou Feather Trim-White
All Over Cotton Vintage Trim
Chiffon Ruffled Beaded Ribbon Trim
Embroidered Lace Trim in Ivory

Items from my personal stash

Spakling compound
White paper flowers
Metal crown charm
Bling button
White string pealrs

I want to thank you for stopping by and spending time with me and my angel. I hope you enjoy this canvas and that you are blessed.


  1. You are not only a talented artist but the message of God's Angels is just touching. My mom is my little angel and this canvas is just gorgeous. This project is amazingly gorgeous, and just breath taking. Love love love love every single details and most importantly the message behind it. Hugs xoxo

  2. Super amazing! I LOVE IT! It is so delicate but yet the message of this is so strong! Ur so talented Robbin!! xoxo

  3. Thank you Mai and Jeannie! I just wanted to find a way to spread hope and comfort, cause this time of year can be very difficult! Im so glad that you like it !

  4. Very beautiful piece Robbin. LOVE all the details in the metal embellishments and texture

  5. Awesome Creation Robbin.............I am drooling over here....Love shows in all your works...<3 <3 <3

  6. I cannot say enough about this mixed media project. So so bee-yoo-tee-full and I am so inspired. I really need to take lessons from you, Robbin, on mixed media as I'm not that great at it. I just keep going back to piece and dissecting it. Everything about it is just gorgeous.

  7. Robbin, the thought behind this piece is so touching, I love it and miss the angels in my life this time of year too. I love your Angel! <3

  8. Just beautiful. It feels like your Angel is there, visibly not just spiritually. Thank you for sharing. Germaine