Hey Crafty Ladies

Im so glad you stopped by! This vintage book box reminds of a bigone era, one where beauty and gentleness were common place. The face of the little angel is so gentle and peaceful looking, that I could not resist making her the focus of this vintage box.

The base of this vintage book box is a paper mache box  that was covered in gesso . I then used a 6x6 doily stencil and spakling compound to add texture to the surface. After the surface was dry, I painted the entire book with a creamy pale yellow acrylic paint and then inked the raised surface of the doily and all edges of the box to create an aged look. Next I applied the photo of the little angel girl using mod podge. I then applied Venise Ivory Daisy Trim to both sides of the photo. On the top and bottom of the photo I used a chipboard filigre from my stash painted in the pale yellow acrylic paint and glued an Ivory 20mm pearl to the center of each filigre. On the binding of the book I glued a piece of Chiffon Ruffled Beaded trim. On the sides of the book box I glued a piece of Embroidered Lace trim-ivory

I glued the latch which I covered with gesso onto the side of the book box. The top half of the latch was glued to the underside of the top cover and the base of the latch was glued to side of the book box. Now you can hide all your secret treasures inside. 

On the inside of the top of the lid I cut apart medalions from a piece of Venise Lace Trim Scalloped Trim. On top of the medalion I glued a Ivory Resin Cabachon frame. To the center of the frame I glued a Coffee Resin Cameo. In each corner of the top of the box in the center of the lace trim I glued a 10mm Ivory pearl.

Products Used

From my stash
6x6 Doily stencil
Spakling compound
Chipboard filigree

I want to thank you again for stopping by and hope that you like this gentle little vintage book box. Make sure you stop by http://www.creatingwithdetailsstore.com/ for all of the items used in this project. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you!


  1. Oh wow that is truly a bigone era reminder. The image of the little girl is beautiful, but its hard to believe that is a paper mache book. It almost looks like wood, your stenciling is beautiful. Just another gorgeous piece by a talented designer.

  2. Very beautiful! I would of never thought it was a paper mache box. I love the vintage look of course! Great job, u truly are an inspiration.

  3. Awesome box. Love the background.. great use of spakling =) Came out great!

  4. I love this Robbin, very vintage! I love that you gesso over that awesome latch, well done friend! :-)

  5. BEAUTIFUL project!! LOVE that you used a paper mache book!!