"Peace Vase"

Hi my crafty friends!

Today I am bringing you what I call the "Peace Vase".  In the spirit of the season of peace and good will to all men, I wanted to create something that could represent Peace, purity and tranquility. The white represents purity of heart and the all white color scheme is meant to portray tranquility. When you feel purity of heart and tranquility, peace is sure to follow.  I hope that when you look at this you feel these feelings, not only today but everyday throughout the year.

This vase began life as a scratched, chipped wooden vase. I covered the entire surface with crinkled white tissue paper applied with Mod Podge. The next step was using a 6x6 doily stencil and spakling compound, texture paste can also be used to add texture to two sides of the vase. I added pieces of cheese cloth to add even more texture. I applied a medium coat of gesso to the entire surface of the vase. After this dried I sprayed the entire surface of the vase with Perfect Pearls Mist in Biscotti to add a soft sheen to the vase. I added white roses and white poinsettias from my stash as well as pearl stems and crystal stems to the vase. The picture below shows the vase without the flowers.

Now came the fun part! I used the Venise Lace Trim Scalloped Trim and cut medallions from the trim and adhered them to the vase on all sides. Just under the rim of the vase I applied a strip of Venise White Lace Trim. Under the rim of the vase I glued a string of pearlescent pearls from my stash. I then finished off the vase by adding bling using the Silver Rhinestone Crystal Pearl Necklace and earrings. I cut apart the necklace to make individual bling pieces.

This was a fun project to create and was relatively simple to do. This vase could also be used for holding a wedding bouquet. I hope that you enjoy this vase as much as I enjoyed creating it! May your lives be filled with Peace, Purity of heart and tranquility and may God make His face to shine upon you.

Products Used From creatingwithdetailsstore.com/

Venise Lace Trim Scalloped Trim
Venise White Lace Trim
Silver Rhinestone Crystal Pearl Necklace and Earrings

Products used from my stash.
White tissue paper
Mod Podge
6 x 6 doily stencil
Cheese Cloth
Perfect Pearls Mists-Biscotti
String of pearls
Glue gun

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Well, we are officially ONE WEEK away from Christmas, wow, where has this year gone.

My project this week for Creating With Details is a canvas stocking. I added beautiful Venise lace in white and a red scalloped lace to the top of the stocking, along with an antique bronze floral accent. I adhered a beautiful venise style applique at the foot. The antique bronze frame, features a vintage photo I found on Pinterest, and is surrounded by beautiful (artificial) evergreen, berries, crystal and pearls. With a wood veneer greeting for the holidays. Pearl accents in various shapes and sizes complete the look.
This posting, is very simple, and comes with heartfelt wishes to all,  a very Merry Christmas!

Once again. to all of you and  yours, many blessings for a very Merry Christmas, and all the beauty and wonder  of  this joyous season be yours not just for the holidays, but throughout the coming New Year.

Be sure that you visit Creating With Details online store http://www.creatingwithdetailsstore.com/ for an array for exquisite lace trims, appliques, pearl embellishments and so much more!

Items used from the Creating With Details online store:
ALL other items used was from my personal stash:
Ornament Embellishment
Pearl Strand
Wood Veneer Word/Greeting
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Crafty TNT Tussie Mussie of Peace

Hi Crafty Ladies, I just want to briefly remind you that today is our Crafty Tuesday Night Tutorial.

We will be creating a  Tussie Mussie of peace.  This Tussie Mussie will be a symbol of all the pain and hurt that we all have endured throughout the loss of a loved one, or for whatever hurt you may have experienced.

Pain is something that we all have to face at one time or another in  our lives.  The lost of a loved one, the daily challenges of life, the loss of a  job, or simply things that we all have to deal with on a daily basis.  No matter how complicating life can get at time,  we can never let it get the best of us.

I have endured a major loss and that was very difficult for me.  I struggled with many things throughout the past couple of years.  I had to look at things in a different perspective, and not let the loss get to me.  I thought that I would never get through that pain, but I have met some lovely ladies in the craft community and I'm very blessed to have met them all during the most difficult moments of my life.

So join me tomorrow, as we create a symbol of hope, a symbol of love, a symbol of peace, and most important a symbol of encouragement & happiness.

I made these thinking of the one person I miss the most, my Beautiful Angel in Heaven...MOM!  She was my inspiration. She was my best friend and the one person I miss and will forever miss the most!

So, Tomorrow LIVE on Ustream http://www.ustream.tv/channel/crafty-tnt.  5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST.

I hope to see you there.
Hey Crafty Ladies

Im so glad you stopped by! This vintage book box reminds of a bigone era, one where beauty and gentleness were common place. The face of the little angel is so gentle and peaceful looking, that I could not resist making her the focus of this vintage box.

The base of this vintage book box is a paper mache box  that was covered in gesso . I then used a 6x6 doily stencil and spakling compound to add texture to the surface. After the surface was dry, I painted the entire book with a creamy pale yellow acrylic paint and then inked the raised surface of the doily and all edges of the box to create an aged look. Next I applied the photo of the little angel girl using mod podge. I then applied Venise Ivory Daisy Trim to both sides of the photo. On the top and bottom of the photo I used a chipboard filigre from my stash painted in the pale yellow acrylic paint and glued an Ivory 20mm pearl to the center of each filigre. On the binding of the book I glued a piece of Chiffon Ruffled Beaded trim. On the sides of the book box I glued a piece of Embroidered Lace trim-ivory

I glued the latch which I covered with gesso onto the side of the book box. The top half of the latch was glued to the underside of the top cover and the base of the latch was glued to side of the book box. Now you can hide all your secret treasures inside. 

On the inside of the top of the lid I cut apart medalions from a piece of Venise Lace Trim Scalloped Trim. On top of the medalion I glued a Ivory Resin Cabachon frame. To the center of the frame I glued a Coffee Resin Cameo. In each corner of the top of the box in the center of the lace trim I glued a 10mm Ivory pearl.

Products Used

From my stash
6x6 Doily stencil
Spakling compound
Chipboard filigree

I want to thank you again for stopping by and hope that you like this gentle little vintage book box. Make sure you stop by http://www.creatingwithdetailsstore.com/ for all of the items used in this project. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you!

“WinterSong” Shabby Mason Jar

Well, we here in the Ohio valley are in full “hustle & bustle” of the holiday season. One thing I am longing for, a little snow on the ground to make it more seasonable. Instead, it has been rainy, dank and damp-just not pretty at all. So, I created my own winter, featured in this Shabby Mason Jar.

Using a chalk paint I created myself, I gave 3 coats to this Ball Mason jar.
Using an applique, and laces and embellishments in acrylic, pearl, and metal featured in the Creating With Details store, from my personal stash I added a frame, vintage photo, branches, clay embellishments and flowers to complete the look.

Creating With Details supply list:

Ivory Acrylic Pearl-

From my personal stash I used Prima Marketing Miniature Flowers, Tulle, Ice Branches, Metal Frame, and Vintage Photo (found on Pinterest/Magic Moonlight Studio free image)

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe:
Initial recipe found on Pinterest, however takes much "finagling" to get right consistency and coverage.
Acrylic Paint (I used Americana craft paint) desired shade
Clean air tight container or jar.
Fill container/jar with 2 cups of water. Use marker to mark water line on container. Pour water back in measuring cup. Begin adding cornstarch in tablespoon increments(original recipe calls for 3tbsp), alternating with water, until desired consistency. I used 7 tbsp. of cornstarch to 1-1/2 cups of water to reach the right consistency. I found that an equivalent of 1 tbsp. of acrylic paint, met my desired color.
Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you are feeling inspired too!
And be sure to stop the Creating With Details online store for your crafty needs, including top quality and beautiful appliques, lace and trims and so much more! And tune in on Tuesday for FABULOUS  tutorials with Mai & Angela!




Shabby Chic Christmas Canvas

Hey crafty peeps !! remember tonight we go live in teaching you an amazing Shabbylicious Vintage Altered Canvas. Mai will teach you step by step how to create this lovely Piece!!! Be sure to bookmark and join us all tonight live on ustream at 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST 8pm EST!! Follow link below!!!  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/crafty-tnt.

I got my inspiration from  Alittleshabbychic from YouTube and I loved her mini canvas, so I created a little shadow box with a Christmas Tree.  She is a very talented lady and I truly love her crafty style.

I used Pion Design paper as my vintage paper along with other mediums.  This project is very easy to make and really fun especially for the Holiday's.

So, remember http://www.ustream.tv/channel/crafty-tnt

Here is what we will make.

I hope you join us tomorrow.  I look forward seeing you there!  

Shabby Chic Christmas Sleigh

I have been working on my Christmas Tree and my loving husband has allowed me to decorate our tree, my way.  One of the things that I wanted to bring to our tree was a touch of things I love and enjoy.

In 2011, I had made some Christmas Ornaments and I was going through some of my old stuff and found them.  The original ornaments were basically rustic colors, because that is how our house was decorated.  This year I have toned down the rustic colors and add more lighter colors, because we live in an area that barely gets sunlight.  To do that I have incorporated more of the white tones throughout the house just to brighten up the house more.

Anyway, I would like to share my original ornament that I had made in 2011 using the rustic colors and my shabby chic version.

This version is the one I created in 2011 using more of the rustic colors that we had in our home at the time.  The paper flowers were made by me using various flower punches.  I painted the sleigh and  stressed it and applied some texture too.

Now for my newer version I made it more Shabby Chic and I used Tim Holtz Pionsetta Die along with some Donna Salazar Fairy Dust Shimmer to give it that shabbylicious look.

I basically painted the unpainted sleight with just gesso and applied some distress ink.  

I used seam binding, beaded sprays, and other embellishments to give it the look that I absolutely love.

Materials Used:

Seam Binding
Tim Holtz Pionsetta Die
Mod Podge
Prima Butterfly
Owl (Found at Walmart)
Sandpaper & Distress Ink

The original sleigh was a lot bigger than this sleigh but I still love how it turned out.
Thanks for visiting and I hope this inspires you to create one for your tree.

Hey Crafty Ladies!!!

This time of year is always difficult for those of us who have loved ones who are not longer with us in body. We miss them everyday, but the holidays are always the most difficult as there are so many memories of times long ago. This year I decided to celebrate their lives and their new heavenly bodies by creating this canvas that I call Angel Ascending. I have felt the presence of many angels around me, giving me peace and comfort. The inspiration for this canvas is my vision of what I think that it would feel like to ascend to heaven and all of the beauty that would surround one as they make this wonderful journey to their new forever home. Angels are God's way of letting us know that we are not alone, that we are loved and protected. May you all feel the presence of your angels through out the holiday season and beyond. God bless and keep you!

The canvas background was created using scrapbook paper from my stash. Then I applied a script stencil using spakling compound and let this dry. I added a few pieces of cheese cloth using Mod Podge. I also used a honey comb and burlap stencil using spakling compound as well.

I placed a piece of Embroidered Lace Trim in Ivory in the center of the canvas.

For the Angel I created a paper mache dress form and cut the back half off of it. I then painted the form with Gesso and covered it with lace from my personal stash. I glued strips of lace and ribbon under the bodice and the put a piece of All Over Cotton Vintage Trim on the bottom half of the dress form. I added a piece of bling from my stash to the top of the bodice. I cut 2 small pieces of Chiffon Ruffled Beaded Ribbon Trim and added them to the top of each side of the bodice to give the impression of sleeves.

The Angels wings are pieces of Maribou Feather Trim in white.

In the top right corner of the canvas over the cheese cloth I put a Clear Wheat Acrylic Spray and Mini Chiffon flower with Wh Pearl and Rhinestones over top of CA Metal Cameo that was painted with gesso. I also added some clear and amber beads from my stash to the bottom of the cameo.

In the top left corner of the canvas I applied some white leaves , and white flowers from my stash, along with some rhinestones and a small crown also from my stash. At the bottom of the flowers I attached a ribbon bow with an Ivory 10mm Acrylic Pearl in the center.

I painted a Copper Tone Filigree Flower Wrap with gesso and added a 20mm Ivory Acrylic Pearl to the center.
 On the right side of the angel I used a chipboard harp from my stash, that was covered in gesso and white pearls. I attached ribbon and a small piece of lace to the top of the left side of the harp.
In the very bottom right corner I added a 20mm Ivory Acrylic Pearl surrounded by rhinestones and strokes of gesso.

Products Used
20 mm Ivory Acrylic Pearl
Copper Tone Filigree Flower Wrap
Clear Wheat Acrylic Spray
Ivory 10mm Acrylic Pearl
Mini Chiffon Flower with Wh Pearl and Rhinestones
CA Metal Cameo
Maribou Feather Trim-White
All Over Cotton Vintage Trim
Chiffon Ruffled Beaded Ribbon Trim
Embroidered Lace Trim in Ivory

Items from my personal stash

Spakling compound
White paper flowers
Metal crown charm
Bling button
White string pealrs

I want to thank you for stopping by and spending time with me and my angel. I hope you enjoy this canvas and that you are blessed.

“Christmas in Paris”paper mache top hat by Michelle

There is nothing that gears me up more for the holidays than the sights, the sounds and yes, even the smells of the this wonderful season. So in thinking about these things, I was inspired by the holidays of old. Walking along the snow covered streets and bridges, seeing the decorations of wreaths and of pine trees. The sound of carolers singing a Christmas tune, and the lights. And just imagine the wondrous beauty of the Eiffel Tower, amid a blanket of snow. This was inspiration for my project this week, the paper mache top hat.
I used a paper mache top hat just like the one found in the Creating With Details online store.  http://www.creatingwithdetailsstore.com/#!product/prd1/3264818351/paper-mache-top-hat-9x11%22
Covered with a beautiful 12x12 paper from my personal stash, torn and applied with Mod Podge Matte medium. I added beautiful lace and appliques, and embellishments of pearl, rhinestone, wood, and chipboard.

I hope this brings you to think of Christmas’s of long ago, and inspires you to create something beautiful!   Au Revoir Joyeux Noël!
ALL LACES used in this design, are from the Creating With Details online store, as well as the pearl and rhinestone brooch, and red wheat sprays.
All other embellishments are from my personal stash.

Thank you for stopping by, and be sure to check back daily, for new inspiring projects by the Creating With Details Design Team!