Shabbylicious Peace Maker Tussie Mussie

A lot of awesome new things has been unwrapping in my craft studio, and one of these awesome delicious yummies are that trims and appliques that we have available in our shop, but I'm not here to talk about those yummies.

I really must say that for this project I was inspired by a lovely lady, that is very talented and I enjoyed crafting with her this afternoon.  She reminds me of my mom, because she is strong and a fighter.  As we were chatting today via Skype I saw some of her lovely creations, and its just those moments that I'm thankful for all those I have met in the Craft Community. 

Crafting for some of us is inspiration and therapeutic.  Its something we do to help us cope with pain and loss of a loved one.  I remember growing up being very creative and my mom was always there to say how much she loved all that I created.  When she past away in 2008 from her battle with Cancer I was devastated, because I had lost my best friend.  I had never really been the type of person to hang out with friends, so when she past away it was very hard for me.  I have come a long way, and now I have online friends such as:  Angela Holt, Kim Larsen, Iliana Vasquez, Michelle, Tata, Isabel, Ene, Robbin, Jeanne, and Lois Bolding.  I also have my Spanish group of followers that have helped me cope tremendously with my mom's death.  These are just a few of the ladies that have heard me cry, and have listened to me whenever I had a mommy moment, which there are a lot of these!

I can't really tell you how hard it is for me.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss her, and when all the chaos gets bad with all the drama and attacks, I wished I could call her and tell her my worries. I wish for the days that I could create with just me, myself, and my imaginations.  Crafting has been something that has helped me get over the pain, but there are days I feel like it causes me more pain. 

When I started crafting back in the 80s I remember that there was no internet, it was just you, yourself, and your imagination.  Now a days we have the wonderful world of crafting communities online.  Although, I'm not a big fan of craft groups, I do love to create with my friends online via Skype or Ustream.

In recent weeks it appears that bullying in the craft community has taken a big toll on those that are passionate about creating and sharing.  Some of us have been affected by it and some of us have decided to walk away from all of it.   I would like a craft community where we support each other and enjoy what we each have to share.

So, I hope this Tussie Mussie will call peace among us ALL, bring peace to our hearts, families, homes, and life.  I want it to gather ALL OUR THOUGHTS, ALL OUR PAINS, ALL OUR WORRIES, AND ALL OUR TROUBLES. 

I can sit here and tell you all that I used to create the Tussie Mussie, and I can but I don't want to, because what is more important is the peace and serenity I felt when I sat down to create it. 

Let's all sit down and create something that will hold each and every one of those fears, pains, and troubles.  I hold in my Tussie Mussie all the pain I felt from losing mom, all the pain and all the tears,the sadness I feel when I can't hear her call my name, all the hurt and frustration from those that attack me and others around me, all the fear I feel whenever I log on to the internet and wonder what else did they do today.  

I ask those whom I offended to forgive me, because God only knows I'm not perfect.  I'm not perfect at all and only one man was a perfect man and that was Jesus and only he and God can judge us for what we have done.  One thing my mom told me growing up is that you can't cover the sky with your two hands, because God can see it all.  Whenever I remember that I try to do right, but God knows I'm not perfect.  So, to all of you that feel that I have offended you, please do forgive me! 

Holiday's are very hard for me.  It's been 6 years since I said goodbye to mom, and its been 6 years that I can't wish her a Merry Christmas.  I don't do well during the Holiday's, I must say that I have a hard time, but I hope that instead of focusing on the bad things I can now focus on the lovely friends I have met.

Hugs to you all!  I wish you all PEACE, LOVE, AND MUCH HAPPINESS!


  1. An absolutely beautiful project, but an even more beautiful message. You Mai, have a beautiful soul.

  2. Mai, I have goose bumps on top of goose bumps from reading this! Your project is beautiful, and represents the beauty of your heart and soul. I am going to be focusing on Peace from now on! I pray that all that I create and all that I do, will represent peace, love and light. Thank you Mai for everything. For sharing your beautiful heart and soul and for being a wonderful friend <3

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words. Hugs to you both and thanks for listening to a heart that although strong at times it has a weak spot and strongly misses her mom.

  4. You are a beautiful person inside and out Mai! Your Mom would be proud of you and I am blessed to call you friend!

  5. This is a stunning work of art. Sending hugs and prayers. May your holiday season find you surrounded by loved ones, with awesome memories, and peace <3

  6. What a truly inspiring piece! I love this!!! a beautiful piece of art made right from the heart! Mai- I think that you are amazing and I am wishing you the very best! The talent that you have is amazing!!! Love this girl. Thanks for sharing your talent and love with all of us!! loves- Madge

  7. Whoa - words can't really express how gorgeous this piece is. I wish I had your talent. Love love love everything about this tussie mussie. After having ready your story, I am 100% certain that your mother is smiling down upon you. God love your heart!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Dawnette Cress, that is very touching, and it made me smile, my mom was my best friend EVER! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!