Shabby Chic Church By Robbin

Hey Crafty Ladies!  This is a DT project for Creating with Details. This was such a fun project to do! I hope you like it as much as I do! I present: Shabby Chic Church.

Materials Used

Venise White Lace Trim - 1yd

Other Materials Used from My Stash
Texture paste
White Acrylic Paint
Small pearl string
Medium pink string pearls
Small Mushroom bird
White feathers
White glitter
Small white flowers
White leaves
White flower stamens
Small glittery snowflakes
Glue gun

The next few photos show the basic creation of the church itself. I drew out the shapes of the church on medium weight chipboard, glued them together with a hot glue gun, and then covered all pieces with gesso. After the gesso dried I cover the roof of the church and steeple with texture paste to create the feeling of snow on the roofs. The smaller pieces in the foreground are for window boxes for each of the eight windows.  After the texture paste dried, I painted the entire surface with white acrylic paint, and while wet sprinkled the roofs with white glitter then glued the window boxes to the bottom of the windows. 

I cut the white Venise lace to use as curtains in the windows, then glued them inside each window with a hot glue gun.

In the following picture you see the Venise lace glued inside the windows, small pearl string glued around the windows and small glittery snowflakes and one medium pink pearl glued into each window box.

I glued the steeple on top of the church, and began to add the 1" chiffon lace trim, and the 3cm chiffon lace roses around the base of the steeple.I added some small white leaves and small white flowers around the base and white stamens under the bird to give the impression of a nest. I also glued the small glittery snowflakes to the steeple windows. 

I glued medium pink string pearls around the base of the steeple roof. I then added white feathers around the bird and on the roof of the church.

On the front of the church I glued small white string pearls around the door. A small piece of medium pink string pearls at the bottom of the door, as steps or threshold. I used an 11mm pearl for the door knob. At the roof peak I added the pearl broach. Under the broach I added a few small white flowers and some more of the 1" chiffon lace trim. I glued a piece of the pink bead spray to the door to mimic a wreath. 

This was such a fun shabby project and the options and possibilities are endless! If you have any questions please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. If you create one I would really love to see pictures.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day.

Robbin McCrumb
DT for Creating with Details


  1. Wow !!!!!!!!!!! A really beautiful project !!! Are you very Creative and Original !!! Totally inspiring !!! I loved the decor !!!

  2. Wow, omg lord that is just a Fabulous Church. You Rocked that Church to the full max!!!!! Wow Wow Wow

  3. Robbin, that is truly gorgeous!!!

  4. Thank you so much everyone <3 I really had fun going all out on this one ;)

  5. This is just gorgeous Robbin, I love it!

  6. What a beautiful Church my sweet friend! Great detail and amazing work!!! You did a fantastic job on this shabby chic church!! Whoop Whoop... Thanks for the step instructions also! loves-Madge

  7. I love this! Great imagination coming up with such an adorable project!

  8. Stephanie B's Creative Designs here. I LOVE your church Robbin!! I LOVE all the creative touches you put all over the church!! I am sure the Lord would be proud to dwell in your church!!!!