Shabby Chic Altered Shoe

Ladies, I have been on a shabby chic kick lately.  I have been seeing these shoes all over the internet, but not sure how they are made, so I decided to be spontaneous and go for that Creative Adventure.

Now, it was not an easy shoe to create.  I went to the Goodwill and found some really old pair that were just not attractive at all.  In fact, I remember being in school during the 80s and girl wearing these types of pumps.  They were hunter green and not attractive at all, well at least until the total transformation.

Well, after applying Gesso to the shoe I painted the shoe white.  I wanted to go the extra mile so I went and applied one layer of a vintage wedding dress that I will be posting on my online store at The CraftStar. Its one of those projects that I'm working on getting up on our store, but trust me it will get there.

I then thought about how the victorian ladies had those high boots, so I whipped out my magical tools and let my creative hands create.

So, after working on it for several days, here is the finished piece.

 The Shabby Chic Chiffon Flower is one that we carry on our online store. Now I don't know about you, but I love bling, but what girl doesn't so for this part of the shoe I used a Pearl Rhinestone Brooch

The Beaded Applique and Acrylic Wheat Spray is also new in my shop, and it just made this shabby chic shoe rock.  

Now I don't normally sell my finished artwork, but I will have this Altered Shoe for sale at The CraftStar Store. 

We are really doing some awesome new changes.  The Design Team is amazing and they will be rocking some awesome projects here in about a week.  So you must come back and visit our blog and see what we have created for you.

Happy Crafting!