Hey Crafty Ladies!

I am so excited to share my first DT project for Creating with Details with you, a Shabby Chic Christmas tree ornament!  So without further Ado here is the finished product!

Materials Used

Charm Pendants Key Antique Bronze Flower & Heart Pattern 3.4x1.1cm, CWK02374 Pack of 1

Oval Antique Bronze Keyhole Pattern Carved 3.7x2.5cm, CWK10483 Pack of 1

White 11mm Acrylic Pearl Imitation Embellishments Findings for Craft/ Wedding/ Phone Flower 11mm Dia Pack of 20

3CM chiffon lace rose - 1 yd

Other items used from my stash:
Round Glass Christmas Ornament
Small white flowers
Small white flower trim
Small white string pearls
Glue Gun

The first step was to cut apart the Venise lace trim to get these pieces. I then glued the two medallions on opposite sides of the glass ball.  And added the key hole to one medallion and a key charm to the opposite medallion.

On the two remaining sides I glued an 11mm white acrylic pearl and then glued the lace pieces cut from the top and bottom of the medallion on the top and bottom of the pearl. I glued a small white flower to either side of the pearl to complete the sides.

For the top I used the white chiffon lace roses and glued them around the metal hanger. I added a small white trim around the bottom and added a couple of small white flowers. I also added a small piece of white string pearl for hanging. 

For the bottom of the ornament, I took a small piece of fringe trim and some strings of pearls and glued them together, then glued this to the bottom of the ornament. I added another piece of the white chiffon lace roses around this piece. Lastly I glued another piece of small white trim on top of the white chiffon lace roses to finish it off.

I hope that you enjoyed this, as I had a great deal of fun creating it.

Robbin McCrumb
DT for Creating with Details


  1. An Elegant and Delicate ornament !!!! Love in White !!! Congratulations on this new beginning, the Design Team is full of creativity and good ideas !!! Greetings !!!!

  2. Oh my heavens, this ornament is elegant! I love love love it! Super Shabby and Super Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing and being on our team.

  3. Robin- This is beautiful!!! I love all of the steps that you took to make this beautiful ornament!!! What a great piece to hang on the tree!!!! I can't wait to see more of your amazing creativity!!! loves-Madge

  4. Thank you all so much!!! I can not tell you how much your praise means to me !

  5. Robbin!! It is truly beautiful <3

  6. Robbin, I want this for my tree, it's stunning!

  7. Stephanie B's Creative Designs here. Robbin, this shabby ornament is so BEAUTIFUL!! I am with Kim, I want one for my tree!!