Shabbylicious Peace Maker Tussie Mussie

A lot of awesome new things has been unwrapping in my craft studio, and one of these awesome delicious yummies are that trims and appliques that we have available in our shop, but I'm not here to talk about those yummies.

I really must say that for this project I was inspired by a lovely lady, that is very talented and I enjoyed crafting with her this afternoon.  She reminds me of my mom, because she is strong and a fighter.  As we were chatting today via Skype I saw some of her lovely creations, and its just those moments that I'm thankful for all those I have met in the Craft Community. 

Crafting for some of us is inspiration and therapeutic.  Its something we do to help us cope with pain and loss of a loved one.  I remember growing up being very creative and my mom was always there to say how much she loved all that I created.  When she past away in 2008 from her battle with Cancer I was devastated, because I had lost my best friend.  I had never really been the type of person to hang out with friends, so when she past away it was very hard for me.  I have come a long way, and now I have online friends such as:  Angela Holt, Kim Larsen, Iliana Vasquez, Michelle, Tata, Isabel, Ene, Robbin, Jeanne, and Lois Bolding.  I also have my Spanish group of followers that have helped me cope tremendously with my mom's death.  These are just a few of the ladies that have heard me cry, and have listened to me whenever I had a mommy moment, which there are a lot of these!

I can't really tell you how hard it is for me.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss her, and when all the chaos gets bad with all the drama and attacks, I wished I could call her and tell her my worries. I wish for the days that I could create with just me, myself, and my imaginations.  Crafting has been something that has helped me get over the pain, but there are days I feel like it causes me more pain. 

When I started crafting back in the 80s I remember that there was no internet, it was just you, yourself, and your imagination.  Now a days we have the wonderful world of crafting communities online.  Although, I'm not a big fan of craft groups, I do love to create with my friends online via Skype or Ustream.

In recent weeks it appears that bullying in the craft community has taken a big toll on those that are passionate about creating and sharing.  Some of us have been affected by it and some of us have decided to walk away from all of it.   I would like a craft community where we support each other and enjoy what we each have to share.

So, I hope this Tussie Mussie will call peace among us ALL, bring peace to our hearts, families, homes, and life.  I want it to gather ALL OUR THOUGHTS, ALL OUR PAINS, ALL OUR WORRIES, AND ALL OUR TROUBLES. 

I can sit here and tell you all that I used to create the Tussie Mussie, and I can but I don't want to, because what is more important is the peace and serenity I felt when I sat down to create it. 

Let's all sit down and create something that will hold each and every one of those fears, pains, and troubles.  I hold in my Tussie Mussie all the pain I felt from losing mom, all the pain and all the tears,the sadness I feel when I can't hear her call my name, all the hurt and frustration from those that attack me and others around me, all the fear I feel whenever I log on to the internet and wonder what else did they do today.  

I ask those whom I offended to forgive me, because God only knows I'm not perfect.  I'm not perfect at all and only one man was a perfect man and that was Jesus and only he and God can judge us for what we have done.  One thing my mom told me growing up is that you can't cover the sky with your two hands, because God can see it all.  Whenever I remember that I try to do right, but God knows I'm not perfect.  So, to all of you that feel that I have offended you, please do forgive me! 

Holiday's are very hard for me.  It's been 6 years since I said goodbye to mom, and its been 6 years that I can't wish her a Merry Christmas.  I don't do well during the Holiday's, I must say that I have a hard time, but I hope that instead of focusing on the bad things I can now focus on the lovely friends I have met.

Hugs to you all!  I wish you all PEACE, LOVE, AND MUCH HAPPINESS!

Wings of the Soul Altered Canvas by Michelle

Hello crafty friends. I am so thrilled to have been chosen to be a part of such an incredible design team, and getting to create with such wonderful products found in Mai Larsen’s Creating with Details store. This is my introductory design using some of those products.

I chose to create a mixed media/altered canvas.

The canvas is a 6x6, 2 inch deep stretched canvas.  Covered in 2 designs of coordinating paper (torn & distressed), using gesso, enhanced with metallic paint, texture spray, and chalk ink. The “angel” is a paper mache` mini dress form (cut in half to make for flat mounting to canvas) covered in script tissue paper.


The following items & materials can be found in the Creating with Details store.
Used From my personal stash:
Americana Metallic Paint in Espresso
Polymer clay shabby rose (from handmade mold)

Thank you everyone for stopping by and taking a look!
Be sure to check back all week long to see other fabulous projects
by the Creating with Details Design Team!



Vintage Altered Mason Jar

Hello friends!! Madge Gillen here and today I am back with another super fun project using the amazing Creating With Details product!!! I altered a Mason Jar that I had just sitting in my cupboard.
Get ready because you are going to be in love with this cute vintage jar!!!

Here are a couple pics of this cute Mason Jar!!!

 To make this cute mason jar you will need: A Mason Jar*Primer*Robins Egg Paint*Avocado Paint*Foam Paint Brush*Sand Paper* Gold Poinsettias*Gold Stickles*Ivory Acrylic pearls*Ivory Venise Applique *White Pearl Chiffon Rose Flower Trim * Mini Chiffon Flower *Ivory Chiffon Ruffle Pearl Ribbon *Venise Ivory Daisy Trim *Hot Glue Gun

I hope that you liked my altered Vintage Mason Jar today! Be sure to get all of your goodies at the Creating With Details Store {HERE}.

Here is a list of all of the product used from Creating With Details. Everything else was in my stash.

Your Creating With Details Designer,

Shabby Chic Church By Robbin

Hey Crafty Ladies!  This is a DT project for Creating with Details. This was such a fun project to do! I hope you like it as much as I do! I present: Shabby Chic Church.

Materials Used

Venise White Lace Trim - 1yd

Other Materials Used from My Stash
Texture paste
White Acrylic Paint
Small pearl string
Medium pink string pearls
Small Mushroom bird
White feathers
White glitter
Small white flowers
White leaves
White flower stamens
Small glittery snowflakes
Glue gun

The next few photos show the basic creation of the church itself. I drew out the shapes of the church on medium weight chipboard, glued them together with a hot glue gun, and then covered all pieces with gesso. After the gesso dried I cover the roof of the church and steeple with texture paste to create the feeling of snow on the roofs. The smaller pieces in the foreground are for window boxes for each of the eight windows.  After the texture paste dried, I painted the entire surface with white acrylic paint, and while wet sprinkled the roofs with white glitter then glued the window boxes to the bottom of the windows. 

I cut the white Venise lace to use as curtains in the windows, then glued them inside each window with a hot glue gun.

In the following picture you see the Venise lace glued inside the windows, small pearl string glued around the windows and small glittery snowflakes and one medium pink pearl glued into each window box.

I glued the steeple on top of the church, and began to add the 1" chiffon lace trim, and the 3cm chiffon lace roses around the base of the steeple.I added some small white leaves and small white flowers around the base and white stamens under the bird to give the impression of a nest. I also glued the small glittery snowflakes to the steeple windows. 

I glued medium pink string pearls around the base of the steeple roof. I then added white feathers around the bird and on the roof of the church.

On the front of the church I glued small white string pearls around the door. A small piece of medium pink string pearls at the bottom of the door, as steps or threshold. I used an 11mm pearl for the door knob. At the roof peak I added the pearl broach. Under the broach I added a few small white flowers and some more of the 1" chiffon lace trim. I glued a piece of the pink bead spray to the door to mimic a wreath. 

This was such a fun shabby project and the options and possibilities are endless! If you have any questions please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. If you create one I would really love to see pictures.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day.

Robbin McCrumb
DT for Creating with Details

Hey Crafty Ladies!

I am so excited to share my first DT project for Creating with Details with you, a Shabby Chic Christmas tree ornament!  So without further Ado here is the finished product!

Materials Used

Charm Pendants Key Antique Bronze Flower & Heart Pattern 3.4x1.1cm, CWK02374 Pack of 1

Oval Antique Bronze Keyhole Pattern Carved 3.7x2.5cm, CWK10483 Pack of 1

White 11mm Acrylic Pearl Imitation Embellishments Findings for Craft/ Wedding/ Phone Flower 11mm Dia Pack of 20

3CM chiffon lace rose - 1 yd

Other items used from my stash:
Round Glass Christmas Ornament
Small white flowers
Small white flower trim
Small white string pearls
Glue Gun

The first step was to cut apart the Venise lace trim to get these pieces. I then glued the two medallions on opposite sides of the glass ball.  And added the key hole to one medallion and a key charm to the opposite medallion.

On the two remaining sides I glued an 11mm white acrylic pearl and then glued the lace pieces cut from the top and bottom of the medallion on the top and bottom of the pearl. I glued a small white flower to either side of the pearl to complete the sides.

For the top I used the white chiffon lace roses and glued them around the metal hanger. I added a small white trim around the bottom and added a couple of small white flowers. I also added a small piece of white string pearl for hanging. 

For the bottom of the ornament, I took a small piece of fringe trim and some strings of pearls and glued them together, then glued this to the bottom of the ornament. I added another piece of the white chiffon lace roses around this piece. Lastly I glued another piece of small white trim on top of the white chiffon lace roses to finish it off.

I hope that you enjoyed this, as I had a great deal of fun creating it.

Robbin McCrumb
DT for Creating with Details

Granny's Treasure Box

Hello friends! Madge Gillen here and today I am beyond excited to share with you my project that I created using the AMAZING products from Creating With Details.  I altered my daughters phone box. I was cleaning up and saw the box and thought BINGO!! I know what I am going to make with this. And then the magic happened.

Here is a photo of my project that I created.

This is a side view of my altered box.  I wanted to share with you this view so you can see the wonderful Box Corner Antique Bronze claw feet that I added to my box.  I am in love with these little guys! They are so fun to work with and can take an ordinary box and turn it into a beautiful piece of art.

This is a top view of my treasure box.  I used many different mediums to create the coloring of the box. I first took some off white paint and a foam brush and painted the whole box. (The box was a natural wood grain box) The off white paint gave it a nice white washed effect.  I then took some molding paste, using my fingers and wiped onto the top of the box.  After allowing it to dry I took some Lindy's Stamp Gang Plat Shot "Pink Ladies Pink" found in the CWD store and mixed it with a little Gesso.  By mixing it with Gesso it made a pink consistency paint and I then brushed the paint over the whole box.  I love the softness of the Plat Shot. After this was dry I then took some Tim Holtz mini distress ink "Walnut Stain" and distressed the box. This gave the box a fun antique look and feel.  I then took Gold Leaf Rub-n-Buff and wiped it onto the box. This brought in the fun metallic feel.  The Ivory Chiffon ruffle pearl trim on the bottom of the box adds the perfect touch! Once all of these steps where complete. I then added the embellishments.

Every single embellishment on this box came from CWD shoppe!! I placed the heart lace doily at the top of the box allowing the tops to hang over the side.  I wanted to carry the soft look of the lace.  I used a Large Filligree Round antique bronze metal disc, the antique bronze leaf, the cute Swallow eggs nest charm, Several small flat back pearls. Two large flat back pearls, a beautiful Cameo Embellishment with frame and this beautiful Chiffon pink flower

I hope that you liked my Granny's Treasure Box Today!!! Be sure to get all of your goodies at the Creating With Details Store {HERE}.

Here is a list of all of the product used from Creating With Details. Everything else was in my stash.
*heart lace doily
Filligree Round antique bronze metal disc
antique bronze leaf
*Swallow eggs nest charm
*Several small flat back pearls
*Two large flat back pearls
*Cameo Embellishment
*Chiffon pink flower
* Ivory Chiffon ruffle pearl trim 
*Plat Shot
*Box Corner Antique Bronze claw feet 

Your Creating With Details Designer,

Big News From Creating With Details!

We are so excited to announce that our amazing Design Team kicks off today!  Every Monday through Friday, our blog will feature a project by one of our talented Designers to inspire your creativity.  Please follow this blog and check in with us every day so you don't miss a thing!  Mai Larsen, the owner of the Creating With Details store has posted a gorgeous altered shoe today for us all to drool over and learn how to make.  Leave us a comment and thanks for stopping by!

New Things To Come

Good morning Crafters,!   Angela and I have been super busy with some awesome things here at Creating With Details.

We have some AWESOME KITS, that we have carefully planned and put together for you all for this Holiday Season.  Each of our Holiday Kits have been carefully designed by us using some of the products from Creating With Details online store.  Our store has taken a huge change and we have added new products. 

With so much to do, we have made been brainstorming as to what is one thing that crafters need, and that is more time to create and less time at the craft store.  So with that in mind we have put together some kits, which we hope will inspire  you to create more. 

Our goal is to provide you all with amazing kits for those crafters that are too busy to go shopping!  These kits aren't your typical card or scrapbooking kits, these are unique kits that can be used for your home or office. 

Each of our kits will include an online tutorial by Angela Holt.  They will include everything you need to create an awesome and unique project.  Now you can create without having to spend hours in the craft store trying to put a project together, we have made that step easy for you with these unique kits. Be sure to check out our Christmas Kits that will be listed on our The CraftStore page.

Tonight we will be featured at The CraftStar, and we will be giving away one of our Dress Form Kits, so be sure to watch us tonight live.

Here is a recent YouTube video created by The CraftStar featuring some of our products.  We are super thrilled to see that they love our products. 

I hope to see you all tonight live, as we show case our Dress Form Kit!

Shabby Chic Altered Shoe

Ladies, I have been on a shabby chic kick lately.  I have been seeing these shoes all over the internet, but not sure how they are made, so I decided to be spontaneous and go for that Creative Adventure.

Now, it was not an easy shoe to create.  I went to the Goodwill and found some really old pair that were just not attractive at all.  In fact, I remember being in school during the 80s and girl wearing these types of pumps.  They were hunter green and not attractive at all, well at least until the total transformation.

Well, after applying Gesso to the shoe I painted the shoe white.  I wanted to go the extra mile so I went and applied one layer of a vintage wedding dress that I will be posting on my online store at The CraftStar. Its one of those projects that I'm working on getting up on our store, but trust me it will get there.

I then thought about how the victorian ladies had those high boots, so I whipped out my magical tools and let my creative hands create.

So, after working on it for several days, here is the finished piece.

 The Shabby Chic Chiffon Flower is one that we carry on our online store. Now I don't know about you, but I love bling, but what girl doesn't so for this part of the shoe I used a Pearl Rhinestone Brooch

The Beaded Applique and Acrylic Wheat Spray is also new in my shop, and it just made this shabby chic shoe rock.  

Now I don't normally sell my finished artwork, but I will have this Altered Shoe for sale at The CraftStar Store. 

We are really doing some awesome new changes.  The Design Team is amazing and they will be rocking some awesome projects here in about a week.  So you must come back and visit our blog and see what we have created for you.

Happy Crafting!