Treasured Memories Mixed Media Collage

As many of you know September is a very hard month for me.  I have learned throughout the years that the best way to remember my mom on her birthday is to create something that reminds me of who she was.

My mom was a great person and she had some unique qualities.  I loved her smile and I loved how she had such a passion for collecting vintage and unique things.  She loved thrift shopping, and she loved working in her garden.  When I think of all these wonderful things, I try to collect bits and pieces that I can put together in order to remember her and cherish all those wonderful memories.

She loved cameos, flowers, buttons (funny thing is that she would go around collecting buttons for me, because she knew how much I loved altering things), she loved the colors; beige, turquoise, gold, black, burgundy, and dollies wow did she love dollies.

So, when I think about all these things I remember who she was especially whenever she was let loose at a flea market.

Growing up I thought she collected way too much junk, and I don't mean it in a bad way because my mom was like me a clean freak and things had to be clean.  So, when I say she collected way too much junk I say it because I hated dusting all her flea market finds.

So, for this project in honor of my Beloved and NEVER Forgotten mom I created this Treasured Memories Mixed Media Collage.

She was a fanatic of flowers and so I took flowers for my online store Creating With Details and distressed them up with some gesso and Lindy's Stamp Gang Flat Fabio Sprays to give it a more vintage distress look.

It's amazing what a few metal embellishments can also do to a mixed media project.

Materials Used:

Metal Keys
**Metal Cameo
**Metal Butterflies
Cheese Cloth
It does take a little work to create this piece but the end results are totally worth it.  I don't have many pictures of my mom so I try to preserve the ones I do have of her.  This one is one that was sent to me by my oldest brother via a text, so I printed it out and sealed it with a sealer such as Mod Podge, since I was working with inks, sprays, and other mediums I didn't want to ruin the image, so by sealing the image I was able to work around it much easier.
I hope you enjoyed this Treasured Memories Mixed Media Collage, I can't wait to see what you create.
**NOTE:  The Metal Cameo & Metal Butterflies are available but not listed on our website, if you are interested in the prices please send us an email.

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