Mixed Media Queeny Girl

I love mixed media, and I admire all those that work in that field.  Although, I love it I'm not the best person in creating these types of projects.  In fact, I'm working on learning more about it and as I learn I have created a lovely piece that, I'm still in shock that I created the piece.

I started out with a watercolor paper, and I wanted to make something for my daughter who will soon be turning 18 in April.  I know she is a girly girl and she was my mom's Queeny.  I wanted to use some of my doll drawings and textures.  So, what I did was I drew the Mixed Media Doll, and then I went crazy, I started to draw the body almost like the old school paper dolls, that you changed clothes and body parts.  Well, I did that with my Mixed Media Doll, I made her interchangeable.

Color was important and I wanted colors that were pastels yet not so pastels, so I started out with a Prima Madeline 6x6 paper pad.  I tore up the pages and glued them to the watercolor paper.  By taking some paints, paste, and Tim Holtz's stencil I was able to give it a 3D affect in several areas. I stamped the background with various of Tim Holtz stamps to add more layers and textured affects.

Using my  Lyra Watercolor pencils I colored in my Mixed Media Doll and I then worked with lace and trim to dress her up.

Here is what I came up with.

 I used Prima Paper Flowers to embellish the corner.
 I was pretty amazed of what I had come up with and I think she will love this piece.  Its cute, its pretty, and it's definitely my Queeny!  She has the beautiful eyes and her long beautiful hair.  My Queeny will be sure to love this piece and it will be something she could always cherish.

I gave the girls from my Facebook Group Creando Con Detalles to create a Mixed Media project and this was my inspiration for them.

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Online Website Creating With Details Store

Sorry, I have been so busy with things that are taking place.  All positive things of course, since we will be launching our online website here in a few hours.

I have been taking online graphic courses, because I wanted to launch a line of graphics for our ladies in both Creando Con Detalles and Creating With Details.

While doing all this, getting online website ready for its Grand Opening, I have been cutting ribbon, creating, and taking care of my family.  So, busy busy here at Creating With Details.

Creating With Details Store will be an online website where you can buy and sell handmade crafted items, supplies, and art  from the conveniences of your home.  Creating With Details is a market place for crafters of all types to sell their finished work of arts, sell their supplies, and goods for a reasonable fee without any hassels.  Browse through our online store to find all sorts of handmade items for sales from artist from all over the world.  Search through our online store to buy from millions of items.

It will be made available to crafters at heart for a reasonable price and none of that monthly fees on top of fees for uploading pictures.  At Creating With Details Store crafters will have the opportunity to sell online, upload pictures and not worry about a monthly fee on top of all the other fees.  We will simply have a 10% commision of your sales, in order to host and maintain the site.  Our online store will enable those that want to have a business but can't afford to pay a storefront, nor all the fees that are associated with all the other places such as Etsy, Airfire, and Ebay.

So, be sure to check back up with me, in the next several days, and be the first to signup to this great site, that we hope will grow.