A Flash from the PAST

I have been trying to consolidate some of my projects that I have done in the past, so as I was doing that I found these.

I have made awesome butterflies using these and I have trimmed the small rosettes for cute and shabby projects.  Here is what I did:

But here is the COOL stuff with Karlas001, she doesn't just carry that FUN rosette trim, she carries lace, pleaded lace that you can just go FLOWER crazy, which is what I did here:

Welcome to Creating With Details

Welcome to Creating With Details, my name is Mai Larsen and I am a crafter fanatic.  I love seeing what I can create with the simplest things. 

I am not just an originally girl that focuses on one thing, I love to do it all from jewelry making, to painting, to papercrafting, to sewing.  What I love to do most is creating things with recycled or things I find at thrift shops.  If there is one thing I enjoy seeing is taking something that was once old and forgotten and turning it to something that is useful and used once again.

So, join me as I race down the crafting aisles at the craft shops to find great deals and I as I make something practical of something that was once lost or forgotten.

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