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Valentine's Themed Canvas

Love is in the air and I am here to share with you a gorgeous Valentine's themed canvas using the products that are available at The Rubber Buggy.

The Rubber Buggy is an online store that I am now designing for, and I am happy to share with you all a tutorial I shared yesterday via their Facebook Page (click to go onto their page).

I love creating an assortment of products and The Rubber Buggy makes it very easy for me to do just that.  They carry a large assortment of scrapbook/mixed media products and for all genres.

To begin I started with a 12x12 canvas and some DecoArt Media Gesso.  I don't like using any type of Gesso that is very liquidly or too runny.  You want to avoid those inexpensive gessos that are too good to be true.

Once I prepped my canvas I was able to apply a DecoArt Matte Medium using a paintbrush, and you may want to use one that is old.  Never use best paint brushes to apply your mediums or gesso.  I used the matte medium to adhere Pion Design Love Song from the To My Valentine's Collection.  Prior to adhering the paper down to the canvas, I distressed the edges to give it a more distressed vintage look by using Tim Holtz Vintage Photos Distress Ink.

To complete this project you will also need the following, which you may purchase at The Rubber Buggy.  

  • 1 x Tim Holtz Layering Stencil - Valentine - THS033
  • 1 x Donna Downey Stencil 8.5 x 8.5 - Heart Texture
  • 1 x Pion Design - To My Valentine - 12 x 12 Love Song
  • 1 x Pion Design - Images from the Past - To my Valentine
  •  Prima Marketing - Art Alchemy - Acrylic Paint - Metallique Bronze 1.7oz
  • 1 x Venise Lace - 1.5 White
  •  7 Gypsies Architextures Findings Adhesive Embellishments -Ornate Garden Stakes
  • 1 x Prima Marketing Finnabair Art Extravagance Texture Paste - Clear 8.5oz
  • 1 x Prima Marketing - St. Tropez Collection - Flowers - Catalina - 596477
  • 1 x Prima Marketing Memory Hardware Resin Frames - Petite Round Frame
I also used DecoArt Americana Paint Burnt Umber to make the frame look weathered and rusty.  After doing that I applied Prima Memory Hardware Marquise Blue and La Chapeliere.  Both of these you can purchase at The Rubber Buggy.

Here is the YouTube Tutorial on How to Make this Valentine's Canvas

Happy Crafting!

Selecting the Right Paper

Selecting the right paper is like selecting the right type of glue.  They are both just as important when paper crafting.  Since I started paper crafting I can honestly say that I have used my fair share of designer papers.

I had started paper crafting in 2008 shortly after my mom past away.   I fell in love with Stampin Up and to be honest I still love their cardstock, but not their designer paper.  Their designer paper was lightweight but at first, I didn't know any better.

With time I would find myself touching and feeling the paper.  I wanted to see if it could resist all the torture that I would put it through.  If the paper is lightweight, you can't do a lot with it as far as applying gesso or any type of medium.  The paper seems to tear more easily when its lightweight.  However, a designer paper that is lightweight can be used for junk journals and cards since it doesn't require a lot of manhandling.

About 2 years into, my paper crafting experience, I would come into contact with other paper brands.
I would soon discover other brands such as:  DCWV, Graphic 45, Prima, BoBunny, Authentique, and Stamperia.  

I had stacks upon stacks of DCWV, but although the paper was thick it would crack and the glitter would make it hard to score.  Can hold up to sprays, mediums, and gesso because the paper is very thick.  Very pretty, but for some odd reason they don't change their designs as often. 

There are paper companies that release papers every month, but those are the ones that I have a hard time keeping up with because it starts to dig deep into my pockets.  I love the paper lines that will come out with something amazing every three months, because it makes you anxious to see what is up next.

Graphic 45, which is an amazing brand was one of my favorite back in the day when I got into altering projects.  Although at the time I had a very limited budget and could not afford the paper I would try to save up for it.  Nowadays, the quality of the paper is awesome, but I am not digging the designs.  Its one of those lines that you have to dig their designs.  

Prima Marketing makes amazing products and their paper flowers and papers coordinate very well with each other.  The quality is awesome and there is definitely room to create a mixed media project with their paper line.  You can use gesso, mediums, and sprays on these papers.

BoBunny had an amazing collection back in the day but now they have gone another direction.  To be honest, I have not purchased their paper in a very long time because their new designs are not to my liking.  They also had coordinating products to go with their paper and I love to be able to coordinate embellishments with the paper because it makes it much easier when creating a project.

Oh, baby oh baby... along comes Authentique...what's not to love about Authentique.  Their paper is just amazing.  I absolutely love their products and coordinating stickers.  The quality is definitely there and they always bring out a new collection which is awesome.  You can definitely use all sorts of mediums, gesso, and most importantly spray.  The anticipation of what they are going to bring out is next is just awesome.  It's like an adrenaline rush when new paper come out and you rush to get them.

But what is there not to love about Stamperia...its absolutely gorgeous!  The quality, the designs, and the fact that its imported which makes the paper more desirable.  I love their paper and I love the quality of their paper.  I have created some amazing Dex Cards with their brand and they are just stunning.  Stamperia is not a product that is easily found in the US.  They have just about everything under the star and moon.

I am a bit picky about paper and I love to find a great deal so before I leave I want to share with you a link to where you can purchase Stamperia for a reasonable price.

Click on the links to order:

Where Did My Mojo Go

Often times we run into one of the biggest problem many crafters encounter...losing our MOJO!  I know that I have lost my mojo many times and its so very difficult.   If you have been one of us that is staring at a mirror trying to find your mojo you may want to try one of these tricks.

1.  Try strolling through Pinterest.  Its packed with all sorts of amazing projects and ideas.  If you know what you are looking for just type it into the Pinterest Search bar and watch as your mojo juices start flowing.   Pinterest is like the Visual Crafters Encyclopedia.

  • https://www.pinterest.com
2.  Magazines and Books...before the internet we had magazines and books.  I remember buying magazines or books to get inspirational ideas back when I was in high school.  I loved going to Joann and checking out their book racks for craft projects and ideas.  Also, try checking out books or magazine from your local Library.

Today there are several magazine out on the market.  Somerset Studio is one of my favorite, because its full of inspirational ideas that can make you run to the craft store to pickup supplies to start creating.  https://stampington.com/somerset-studio

If you are a paper crafter then you may want to check out:
There are magazines and books for all to enjoy and be inspired.  Here is a good source to see all the magazines available for crafters https://www.magazines.com/magazines/hobbies/arts-crafts.html.  Whether you are a beader, a quilter, or a Painter you can find your mojo as long as you flip through one of these magazines.

If you don't want to subscribe to a magazine and just want to visual watch someone create something inspiring then check out YouTube.  YouTube offers videos for all to enjoy!  Its the simplest and most affordable way of watching a FREE inspirational tutorial.  Just search for what you want to learn and start watching.  To access YouTube you can go here and start watching your next craft tutorial.

Finally, if you still haven't found it then try Facebook.  Facebook is loaded with craft groups.  From Journaling to Cricut you name it you can find the group on Facebook and these groups are full of ideas and crafters eager to share their work.  You are certain to find your mojo instantly.

So, when I am feeling like my mojo ran away, I start to flip through my old magazines and scrolling through Pinterest.  I have prevented going to the craft store when I have lost my mojo, because that will push me to buy craft supplies that will only sit around until I find Mr. Mojo.  So, if you are feeling that your Mojo left avoid going to the craft store.  The last thing you want to do is stock piling craft supplies that won't get used and then you are left overwhelmed with the craft mess.

Talking to other crafters will sometimes help, but let's face it no matter how many times you talk to your craft buddies nothing will make you find Mr. MOJO until you are ready to find it.  

Altered Tim Holtz Flip Frame

I am such a huge fanatic of altering things, so I totally loved creating this project.  Although, I love Tim Holtz Flip Frame, I did not like the color.  So, I had to get my thinking cap on and get to changing this frame into something that would work with my home decor.

Tim Holtz Idea-ology FLIP FRAMES TH93195 Preview Image

The first thing I had to do was change that color, and for that I used Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint (Sheepskin).  I knew from the start that I could not achieve the right look unless I gave it several coats.  Since this chalk paint is so think, I don't even worry about applying any gesso to the frame.  This chalk paint is just awesome.

FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Furniture & Craft Paint in Assorted Colors (2 oz), 36301 Sheepskin
Now after applying several coats the FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint I then apply a thin layer of Buttercream Clear Wax that you can purchase from Joann.  The Buttercream Clear Wax must dry completely before you can move on to the next step.  Don't go heavy on the clear wax and if you are in a jam you can use your heat gun to dry, but touch to see if it feels sticky.  If it feels sticky, then you need to let it dry more.

Image result for Buttercream clear wax
The final step is to  apply an Antiquing Wax from Buttercream.  I apply the antiquing wax with a paint brush and wipe off with a wet baby wipe.

The possibilities are endless with this technique.  From metal to wood, you can turn something blah into something amazing such as this:

I created a flip frame with a waterfall chipboard flip pages cut out of chipboard.  I decorated each pages with Tim Holtz paper and used my Xyron Creative Station to adhere the paper to the chipboard.  Once the paper was adhered to each of my flipped waterfall pages, I began to decorate with Tim Holtz Paper Dolls and Button Galore & More buttons.

The possibilities truly are Endless!

The Break Down of the Different Types of Glues!

As a crafter, one of the things I am always asked is...What glue do I prefer to use? Well that all depends on the project that I am working on.

Not everyone will use the same glue as I do, but I am going to give you the break down of the glues I prefer to use when Crafting.

We all have a specific glue we tend to gravitate towards more and that is ok.  I know that as a crafter throughout the years I have experimented with several types of glues and not all will work for certain projects that I have in mind.

So, the following are the glues I use and why:

HOT GLUE...Omg I love Hot Glue and I have been using this glue since I was a teenager crafting in my bedroom.  Surebonder Mini Detailed Gun is the BEST!!!!!!!
    • Its fast drying, and it pretty much can be used in just about anything.  I don't think I have yet encountered anything it didn't glue down to.
      • Can be used on paper, fabric, wood, chipboard, metal, glass, and plastic.
      • Now with its amazing glory comes the down fall, and its that they must be plugged in. So, it depends on electric in order to operate.  Even if you have a cordless glue gun  you still need to plug in the base and charge up the glue gun in order for the glue sticks to melt.
      • Also be cautious when working with a glue gun and with the hot glue sticks, because they can definitely burn you.  Should not be used by kids, and use caution when working with a glue gun.
      • MY PERSONAL preference is:  Surebonder.  The Surebonder mini detailed glue gun is perfect for any of my craft projects.  I have used this glue gun for paper, wood, metal, and fabric, its has never failed me.  
    • Surebonder Detailed Glue Gun is my CRAFTER'S choice!!!!!
Fine Tip Glue GunCheck out my Amazon Associated Program link for this glue gun on the right hand side.

Liquid Glue:
    • I have always been a big fan of Scotch Quick Dry, because its fast drying yet it allows me to have enough time to move my work around if I need to move anything.  However, in recent months I have discovered that although its awesome on paper its not so great with Chipboard.  So....., I have since discovered Tonic Craft Tacky Glue.  This Tonic Craft Tacky Glue is glue heaven for chipboard.  Not only does it give you the wiggle room to move things around by it adheres chipboard to chipboard so beautifully.  I am in glue heaven with Tonic's Craft Tacky Glue.
Tonic CRAFT TACKY GLUE 120ML 419E Preview Image

Permanet Adhesive Tape:

I love my Xyron and I use that machine to the maximum as much as I can for my paper crafting projects.  I currently own three Xyron machines and love each one.

My Xyron Creative Station allows me to use the 5" & 9" adhesive tape.  I use the machine mostly for the 9" permanent adhesive, because I love covering  my album pages with this machine.

The cartridge refills are reasonably price and what I love the most are no warped pages.
Xyron 9" Creative Station Laminator with 5" Option - 624632 Image 1
I also have the 2" & 5" Xyron Machines and Love them for my smaller projects.  This machine gets used quite often in my projects, and I can't leave home without it and my glue gun.

Finally my last personal preference is scor-tape.  I am a fan of Scor-Tape and I stock them up in various sizes:  1/2", 1/4", 1/8"

However, use the 1/4" Scor-Tape more than any other size.  This adhesive is definitely one that makes life easy when creating 3D projects.

Scor-Pal SP202 Scor-Tape, 0.25 by 27-Yard

I do not like  using the  pink sticky tape or any other imitation out in the market.  Its either this tape or none at all.

So, as you see I have a list of personal preference, but again its my personal preference.  What's your personal preference?